Dishdasha Onesie - Beige

AED 219


Little Bedoo’s onesies are proudly made in the UAE using the highest quality breathable fabrics. We are the first brand to create the dishdasha onesie, which is a handmade functional version of the original design.

The dishdasha differs from the kandora by having a collar and a hidden zipper closure.

Size Chart

Size Guide
Please use the following as a guide when choosing the correct size

Age  Weight Chest Length
NB 2.7 - 4.1 kg 20in (50.8cm) 17in (43.2cm)
3M 4.1 - 5.7 kg 22.5in (57.2cm) 19in (48.3cm)
6M 5.7 - 7.4 kg 24in (61cm) 21in (53.3cm)
9M 7.4 - 9.2 kg 25in (63.5cm) 23in (58.4cm)
12M 9.2 - 11.1 kg 26in (66cm) 24.5in (62.2cm)
18M 11.1 - 12.4 kg 26.5in (67.3cm) 26in (66cm)
2T 12.4 - 13.6 kg 27in (68.6cm) 28in (71.1 cm)
3T 13.6 - 15 kg 27.5in (69.9cm) 30in (76.2cm)
4T 15 - 18 kg 28.25in (71.8cm) 33in (83.8cm)


Care Instructions 
- All Little Bedoo garments are machine washable
- Please follow care instruction printed on the inside label
- Please note that the tarboosh (tassels) on the clothing are to be detached when washing and if baby is sleeping in the garment